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Glenn Meade
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The Devil's Disciple - Glenn Meade

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The Devil's Disciple


Kate Moran, 30, is an FBI agent. The day before she is due to marry her fiance, he and his twelve-year-old daughter are abducted and murdered by Constantine Gamal, otherwise known as The Devil's Disciple, a serial killer obsessed with black magic and ritualistic double-killings. Equally obsessively, Moran tracks Gamal down and brings him to trial. Two years later, just before his execution is carried out, he promises he will return -- not in hell but in this life -- and destroy her. Now the double killings have started all over again. When Kate is assigned the case she treats it as a copycat killing, but then evidence raises the shocking possibility that Gamal may have escaped execution after all.On top of this,as the murders get closer to home she realises he is not the only one who is determined to plot vengeance against her ...

Praise for Glenn Meade's other work:

"Meade's research is so extensive yet unobtrusive . . . that it is often easy to forget you're reading fiction and not history. This a completely riveting thriller in the tradition of the Day of the Jackal. A white knuckler!"
—The Washington Post

"Glenn Meade writes scenes as though they were shot from a gun, and the impact as you turn each page is often just as powerful."
—Florida Times