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Resurrection Day - Glenn Meade

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Resurrection Day

The novel that America refused to publish because it was too controversial. At its heart is a story about a city, a country and a president trying to do battle with the mayhem of a major national disaster.

And how FEMA—whose mission it is to oversee the federal response to all natural disasters, hazards, and pandemics—will attempt to cope.

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RESURRECTION DAY is a novel, a fiction, a story that was in many ways prophetic about 9/11, but the background research is NOT fiction—it is reality. The circumstances may be different—COVID-19, and not a deadly nerve gas attack facing America and the Western world, as in the book—but at heart all of the circumstances and the methods of dealing with this massive looming disaster we are facing are the same. Only one thing is certain--we are all in for a rough and uncertain ride in the coming weeks and months.


In 2001 I spent four months in Washington DC researching a story that became Resurrection Day—about a US president who has to face up to the threat of a deadly nerve agent being dispersed in a city—an event that can kill millions. Stolen from a Russia military laboratory by Al Qaeda terrorists, a massive attack is about to be unleashed on the USA. I finished the book three weeks before 9/11, and in many ways the Al Qaeda angle to the story became prophetic.

Part of my research for Resurrection Day involved spending months talking with FEMA—the Federal Emergency Management Agency—which oversees disaster management in the US. What I learned from these experts about battling disasters like pandemics and terror attacks scared the hell out of me, and I wove it all into the book.

What also scared me was that when I asked the FEMA experts if their resources and expertise could protect us in the event of a disaster, they said a firm, ‘No, there are no guarantees. You need to self prepare.’ It turned out that many FEMA personnel were disaster preppers—with their insider knowledge, they knew it was a smart move to make their own preparations to protect themselves and their families against disaster. So I became a prepper convert, too—I spent a small fortune buying long-life food, water purification systems, emergency heating, emergency lighting, emergency generators, guns and ammo, bug-out equipment—in case I had to beat a hasty exit out of Dodge. And I formulated an exit plan—a retreat to a small farm over an hour’s drive from Knoxville. And I abided by the other golden rules of prepperdom—always have a firearm and spare ammo plus a few days’ rations in the car, and at least a ¾ full tank of gas.

Well, now disaster has hit and right now I’m stuck in the south of Spain where the entire country is on lockdown, tens of thousands have been infected with COVID-19 and thousands more are dead—the number of deaths surpassing China—and likely this disaster will get worse before it gets better.


RESURRECTION DAY has never been published in the USA—until now. My publishers thought it too close to the bone after 9/11. But one-time US presidential candidate Newt Gingrich somehow got his hands on a copy. Gingrich was appointed a member of the Hart-Rudd commission (set up post 9/11 by President George Bush, with responsibility for determining future likely terrorist threats against the US) and was so impressed with the reality-check of my story and the book’s research that he contacted me and kindly offered an unsolicited rave review on his website, urging all Americans to read RESURRECTION DAY. Gingrich later quoted research from the book in one of his own—about how FEMA and the US health care system might deal with a pandemic disaster. RESURRECTION DAY sold in through Canada and the UK, and was widely read and very well reviewed in the rest of the world. I appeared on the BBC and Sky News and many other international news channels to discuss the book and its research. It was one story I was very proud of, not only because of the reviews but because it was a mammoth task trying to explain to readers exactly how a major US city—and an entire country—might realistically attempt to cope with lockdown, and a massive looming disaster.

The weeks and months ahead are going to be a rough ride so hold onto your hats everyone. Read the book—at its heart it will show you the likely panic and disaster about to come, and how the authorities will try to deal with it. Above all, know that federal agencies really CAN’T deal with the threat in its entirety. It’s up to you to prepare, and to protect your families before the next wave hits. If the virus mutates in winter, the risks may become even more deadly.

Note for US readers: this publication is a UK English version.


'What is exceptionally striking about Meade's scary storytelling is that the narrative and characterisation are beautifully written and crafted.'
– Glasgow Herald

‘A riveting story…incredibly well researched. I urge every American to read this book.’
– Newt Gingrich

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"Meade's research is so extensive yet unobtrusive . . . that it is often easy to forget you're reading fiction and not history. This a completely riveting thriller in the tradition of the Day of the Jackal. A white knuckler!"
—The Washington Post

"Glenn Meade writes scenes as though they were shot from a gun, and the impact as you turn each page is often just as powerful."
—Florida Times